See how Andrew Ford – a busy working Dad – maintains his fitness
with the first 4 weeks of his program


Time to get your best body back! Get real advice from real people who have achieved real results in their health and wellbeing over their life. More than a 12 week program, this knowledge will help you with maintaining your best body for a lifetime.

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Andrew Ford

Workout Plan for Busy Dads

Andrew Ford is a dad of two young boys, a CEO and weekend sports warrior.

Running a successful business and being a single dad of two young boys, aged 10 and 5. He prides himself on keeping fit to maximise his business performance, set a good example for his boys and be able to keep up with their sporting passions.

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Glenn Manton

High Performance Athlete

Glenn Manton is a high performance athlete with an impressive sporting CV

Years spent training hard as a professional AFL football player for some of the code’s leading teams, being part of Carlton’s 1995 Premiership Team, an elite soccer player, plus a stint on the World Cup circuit for four-man bobsleigh events. Passionate about health and fitness Glenn wants to inspire people to achieve positive outcomes and a happy and healthy life.

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Miss Filly

Professional Pole Dancer

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Miss Filly began her pole dancing career at Pole Divas, one of the longest running pole dancing studios in the city. 

Having been taught and inspired by some of the best pole dancers in the world, she trains and teaches full time for the studio where it all began. Miss Filly is passionate about the pole industry, the quality of instructors and the health and fitness benefits for the minds and bodies of the men and women she teaches.

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Better Body 12 Weeks provide you with a comprehensive program to train you on the four key areas needed to achieve greater health: mindset, exercise, diet and check-ins. By following the consistent methodology over 12 weeks you will look and feel better, plus learn lessons to apply to your life in the long term.

Health is not an option. Being healthy enough to give you the energy to live your life to the full requires effort and knowledge. Our programs are carefully designed to provide you with the information you need to create a better life. In 12 weeks you will set the habits to achieve a better body, greater health and feel amazing. We wish you luck on your adventure! Some of the program features are…

  • Choose the coach that best suits you. Most programs only have one option, we have many. Try a few and find the program that best suits your life.

  • Your coach is there to keep you on track. Each week you will receive a motivational video right in your email inbox.
  • Receive a comprehensive eBook with advice from your coach on how to get your best body.
  • Expert tips from those with experience. Our knowledgeable personal training master and expert nutritionist will give you the tips to maximise the benefits of your program.
  • See how our coaches really keep in such good shape. Peek into their lives with insights into their exercise and diets and apply their success to your life.
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Better Body 12 Weeks is on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians. Obesity levels are on the rise and without support they will keep rising. Be part of the solution by starting your journey to better health.

To really improve your body and health you need a coach. Even Olympic athletes have expert coaches to keep them on top of their game. Our coaches are hand picked to provide you with a variety of styles and exercise types to suit all people. Don’t settle for a program that makes you fit to their style – find a coach that is your style!

  • Flexible options. Buy one program or join the community
  • We are not a gym so NO lock in contracts, work out to your own pace
  • A variety of coaches to suit your style, not the other way around
  • Easy to follow advice in eBook format and videos
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See how Andrew Ford – a busy working Dad – maintains his fitness
with the first 4 weeks of his program